"Be happy. Go for a Good Walk!"

A Good Walk is a simple idea that anyone can do. Studies have shown that happy people:

    • Exercise regularly.

    • Get sunshine and fresh air.

    • Express gratitude.

A Good Walk includes of all of these things! It's great activity to do by yourself, with family, friends, partners or your team at work. It doesn't require any special equipment and its based on scientific research. It doesn't cost anything and it's also a good way to turn a bad day around!

To go for a Good Walk simply: walk outdoors gratefully.

In addition to feeling nice, there are some serious benefits to being happy. Happy people are healthier and live longer. Happy people are more productive. Happy people can even look younger. This site explains everything you need to know to go for a Good Walk.

HOW To 'Good Walk':

+ Walk.

+ Outdoors.

+ Gratefully.

Print the one page handout.

Did you know?

A 10 minute walk outside can boost a persons mood for up to 2 hours.

People who express gratitude show an immediate increase in happiness scores.


The first part of a Good Walk is to, well, go for a walk. Exercise has been proven in numerous studies to make people happier. What's more, walking is one of the best forms of exercise that anyone can do.

Research published in the Journal of Health Psychology showed that in a study of 400 people, exercising for just 7 minutes a day made them more relaxed, improved their brainpower, and made them feel better about themselves.

Studies from both the University of Colorado and the University of Utah found that a 30 minute walk a day can reduce the symptoms of depression by 36%.

In addition to cultivating happiness, walking has many health benefits as well. Walking 2 hours a week can reduce the chance of a stroke by 30%. A 40 minute walk 3 times a week protects the area of the brain associated with memory. Walking 3500 steps a day reduces your chances of diabetes by 29%. Walking 30 minutes most days drastically reduces the chance of heart disease.


The next part of a Good Walk is to make sure you walk outside. Getting sunlight and fresh air outside has been shown by scientists to measurably boost peoples moods.

The University of Sussex conducted research with 20,000 people in England and discovered that spending 20 minutes outside in good weather contributes the most to a person’s good mood. Exposure to sunlight releases a hormone called serotonin, which has been associated with boosting mood, as well as helping a person feel calm and focused.

A study at Scripps College in California found that a 10 minute walk outside can boost a persons mood for 2 hours. The same study found that people who fit 10 minutes of activity in to their day think better, remember better and have better reactions times.


The last part of Good Walk is to walk gratefully. Psychologists have found that people who express gratitude on a regular basis have increased levels of happiness, improved life satisfaction, and decreased depressive symptoms.

Researchers at Michigan State University found that people who cultivated positive thoughts by focusing on good things were more engaged in their work and had better moods.

A controlled study at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who expressed gratitude showed an immediate increase in their happiness scores. And whats more the effects lasted for up to a month.

While you are on your Good Walk Focus on three things you are grateful for. Making a point to think why you are grateful for each thing has been shown to boost the effects of gratitude.

A Good Walk is a simple idea that really can help you cultivate happiness in your life. It’s as easy as going for walk outdoors and expressing gratitude. The benefits of a Good Walk can be felt in just 10 minutes, so lack of time should never be an excuse. It’s worth the effort, a Good Walk really will make you happier.


    • If the weather isn’t conducive to walking outside, then walk inside.

    • If you have a dog, take it for a Good Walk, research shows people with pets are generally happier.

    • Print the one page handout as a reminder and bring it with you.

    • Make your Good Walk a daily habit. Put it on the calendar. Set a reminder on your phone. Do it at lunchtime or after dinner every day.

    • If you are having a bad day, go a for Good Walk. It's a really good way to turn a bad day around!

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Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a Good Walk.

NOTE: April 2020. Good Walk has been updated to take in to account social distancing guidelines. You can read about the original Good Walk here.