Be Happy. Go For A Good Walk.


Do you like the idea of a Good Walk? Why not organize one in your area? Sites like Craigslist Community Events, Meetup Groups and Facebook Pages are great ways to publicize a Good Walk. Need help finding somewhere to walk? Alltrails,, and LocalHikes are great walking resources.

Not sure what to write in your Good Walk announcement? You can use the text below as a template.


Join us at (location) on (day) at (time)  for a Good Walk. The idea of a Good Walk is based on the findings of several scientific studies about happiness. These studies have shown that happy people exercise, get fresh air, cultivate good relationships, smile and express gratitude. A Good Walk provides all of these things.

Everyone can reap the benefits of taking a Good Walk and it is suitable for all ages. We will start with a 5 minute fun talk at (time) on the science behind a Good Walk and then go off for a 30 minute ‘good walk.’ You can walk at your own pace and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends whilst cultivating happiness at the same time. To learn more about a ‘good walk’ go to

Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a good walk.


Good Walk is the brainchild of Barney Matthews. Barney is a writer, skier and career coach. Originally from England he now lives in Vermont, USA with his family. Barney is the author of several ebooks including "Goalbits - become healthier, wealthier and happier using goal-based habits," "Sticky Habits," and "How to have a Good Daisy." Find him on the web at

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