Be Happy. Go For A Good Walk.

Want to be happy? Go for a Good Walk! 

A Good Walk is based on the findings of several scientific studies about happiness. People who are happy:
            • Exercise regularly.
            • Get sunshine and fresh air daily.
            • Cultivate good relationships.
            • Smile every day. 
            • Express gratitude regularly.
A Good Walk includes of all of the this! On top of that, a Good Walk is simple, free and anyone can do it. It's great activity to do with family, friends, partners and with teams at work. It's also a really good way to turn a bad day around!

There are some serious benefits to being happy. 
  • Happy people are healthier and live longer.
  • Happy people are more productive.
  • Happy people can even look younger.

Simply: Go for a Good Walk with Good People and discuss Good Things.

Want to learn more?
Interested in learning more about a Good Walk? Want to know more about the science behind the idea? Curious to find out specific questions that encourage good talk on a Good Walk?

Disclaimer. The organizers of Good Walk are not trained guides or therapists. Participants assume all responsibility for their own safety and happiness while on a Good Walk.